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Introducing Candy Bars by Little Love Birds!

Candy Bars are fast becoming a fashionable must-have at many weddings! They can replace the dessert or be the guest's take-home favors. The range of candies available is almost limitless, and you can have sweets, candies, confectionery, or cookies that have a special meaning for the couple (childhood favorites) or the candies can be chosen according to colour and theme.

The Little Love Bird Co. can design a candy bar that suits your style and budget! We have a large selection of jars and containers, and will personalise your sweet bags so that your guests can easily take home their goodies. If you wish to provide your own containers, we can organise the candies for you, or just hire the jars from us and provide your own candies. We try to meet everyone's needs.

We can set-up the bar for you if your function is in the Johannesburg area, or we can package everything up for you and send it via courier, for you or your function co-ordinator to set-up on the day.

Please enquire further for more information.

{ mail at littlelovebirds.co.za }

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